Advertising Costs

Advertising Costs offer an account that will generate an advertising portal, that can be edited and maintained by the advertiser.

All standard accounts are invoiced at £175.00 per year and include a listing on the website of the services offered by the individual advertiser.

The invoice is raised once the advert is live or you can pay through the site on application

All advertising is annual and is set to each account.

You must generate your own account by visiting the site and complete the registration.

If you require our team to set everything up for you, there is a charge of £75.00 and we will gather information from you, make your advert and portal live and invoice you then for £250.00

We do not charge VAT, although this may change in the future

A Firm, solicitor, barrister, Mackenzie friend or Chambers can have more than one account.

All adverts/portals allow for up to 6 Types of Law to be chosen which will be searchable as a default.

Additional types of law can be added at a further cost of £10.00 per law type, per annum.

All adverts are searchable and can be edited by the owner.

To ensure the quality of any inquiries, lawyer chambers filter enquirers

All adverts are maintained and updated by the advertiser, who are expected to ensure that their contact details are up to date and accurate.

Advertising on the site does not guarantee any work or cases, but it is expected that the site would generate additional work and cases in view of the fact that as a marketing organisation Lawyers Chambers is able to promote the site using media that may not be available to individuals.

By using the website as a customer/client does not guarantee that any case presented will be taken up by any of our solicitors/ barristers/firms/chambers or Mackenzie friend.

The adverts run and are maintained for one year after which a new invoice will be generated.

Payment is via pay pal on the site or we will send you an invoice as soon as you advert is live

Advertisers can cancel their advert at anytime, but will not be reimbursed for any monies received.