Terms and Conditions and Complaint Policy

Terms and Conditions

In using this site, you may contact a barrister, solicitor or Mackenzie friend who are listed here on the website. In using our website Lawyers Chambers you accept fully the Terms and Conditions set out below.

1             About Us

1.1         We are Lawyers Chambers a website marketing platform for solicitors, barristers, and McKenzie Friends (that is people who may help you within the litigation process and possibly accompany you to court, but who are not qualified lawyers). The website Lawyers Chambers is operated, owned and maintained by Horizon Associates Ltd , a company registered in England and Wales (registration number 05544802) and with a registered address of Unit 2 High Weald House, Glovers End, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, TN39 5ES.England.

1.2          If you have any questions, complaints or comments about the Service or the Terms and conditions or the policies which apply to this site and its use, then please contact us via email to Lawyers Chambers

2             Our Terms

2.1         These website terms and conditions (Terms) apply to your use of the Lawyers Chambers website and the services provided through our staff and website (Service) which we own and maintain. These Terms should be read alongside, and are in addition to, our privacy and other policies which tells you how we use your personal information and how we operate, and which are accessible from the homepage of this website

2.2        Please read these Terms carefully. By continuing to use the Service, you are deemed to have read and accept our Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, you must stop using the Service immediately.

2.3        We may update or amend our Terms from time to time to comply with law or to meet our changing business requirements without notice to you, you should therefore go back to the Terms from time to time to ensure that you understand the current policies. By continuing to use the Service, you agree to be bound by the terms of these updates and amendments.

3.           The Service

3.1        The Service is a twofold service designed to help lay clients find a barrister or solicitor who may be able to assist them with their legal needs, and to provide professionals, (both solicitors or barristers) with a platform to market their expertise and to provide easy access to them. Any contact or relationship that you have with the professional lawyers, and they have with you including any advice you receive from, any barrister or solicitor via the Service, is strictly between you and the relevant barrister or solicitor only and strictly subject to separate terms you may agree with that barrister or solicitor. Lawyers Chambers accept no responsibility or liability for, and are not involved with, any such relationship or advice.

3.2       Lawyers Chambers does not offer any legal advice or any type of legal service, nor does it make any statement (express or implied) that your use of the Service which is offered through this website will produce any particular outcome (whether in relation to quality of advice or otherwise).

3.3      Lawyers Chambers are not a claims management company.

4.           What we expect of You

4.1        You confirm that:

(a)         any information and details provided by you to us are true, accurate and up to date in all respects and at all times lawyers chambers take absolutely no responsibility for any advertising content the content remains the responsibility of the advertiser; and

(b)         you will at all times comply with our Terms.

4.2        You agree that in using the Service you will not:

(a)         use the Service for any unlawful purpose or in a way which infringes the rights of anyone else or restricts or inhibit anyone else's use and enjoyment of the Service.

(b)         use the Service in any way that interrupts, damages, impairs, or renders the Service less efficient.

(c)         impersonate any other person (living or dead), misrepresent your connection with a person or entity, or provide false or otherwise misleading information.

(d)         transfer files that contain viruses, trojans or other harmful programs.

(e)         authorize, encourage or assist any other person to, copy, modify, reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble, alter or otherwise tamper with any software (including source code), databases and other technology that forms part of the Service;

(f)          penetrate or attempt to penetrate the Service security measures; or

(g)         email, publish or otherwise disseminate any content which is defamatory, obscene, or may have the effect of being harassing, threatening or abusive to an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age or disability or that is otherwise inappropriate.

4.3        It is your responsibility to make all arrangements necessary for you to have access to the Service.

4.4        We reserve the right to suspend, restrict or terminate access to the Service at any time without notice if Lawyers Chambers have reasonable grounds to believe that any user may have breached any of the above restrictions or any other provision of these Terms. This shall not limit Lawyers Chambers or its employees’ right to take any other action against any site user that it or they consider appropriate to defend it or their rights or those of any other person.

4.5        By using of this Service and its contents no rights are granted or deemed or implied as having been granted to any user in relation to Lawyers Chambers intellectual property rights (IPR) or the IPR of any third parties. Lawyers Chambers own or are licensed to use all IPR existing in, or in relation to, the Service and its contents. All rights and IPR in or relating to any third-party content, branding, logos and registered and unregistered trademarks are owned by such third parties or their licensors.

4.6        Users are permitted to download and print relevant content from the Service solely for their own personal use. Service content must not be copied or reproduced, modified, redistributed, used, or otherwise dealt with for any other reason without the express written permission of Lawyers Chambers or any of the individual contributors.

5           Links

As part of Service offered Lawyers Chambers may supply links to professionals advertising through this service

In so following those links, users acknowledge that:

(a)         Lawyers Chambers do not control such third-party Websites and are not responsible for their contents.

(b)         Lawyers Chambers are not and will not be party to any transaction or contract with a third party that users may enter into via such websites.

(c)        Lawyers Chambers shall not be liable to you in respect of any loss or damage which you may suffer by using those websites; and

(d)         Users agree that they will not involve Lawyers Chambers in any dispute between themselves and the third party.

6.          Limitations on the information and service

6.1        Lawyers Chambers provide the Service on an 'as-is' basis and do not warrant or guarantee that the Service will be available or fault free and do not accept any liability for any errors or omissions (particularly in the details supplied by professional users). Lawyers Chambers may suspend or terminate the Service without notice at any time if it feels this is necessary (including but not by way of limitation to perform upgrades or maintenance).

6.2        Lawyers Chambers does not check the veracity of information supplied by professional users and therefore has no control over the accuracy of the same (including but not limited to the contact details) or the availability of any service purported to be offered by any one of the professional users. 

6.3       Lawyers Chambers accept no responsibility or liability for users placing reliance on the availability of the Service at any time and any reliance is entirely at the users own risk. Whilst Lawyers Chambers will take reasonable precautions to prevent the existence of computer viruses and/or other malicious programs in the Service, Lawyers Chambersaccept no liability for them.

7.          Limits on Our Liability

7.1         Lawyers Chambers  accept liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or that of its employees and agents. Lawyers Chambers do not seek to exclude liability for fraudulent misrepresentation by itself or its employees or agents.

7.2        Users have certain rights under the law. These include that Lawyers Chambers will provide the Service with reasonable skill and care. Nothing in these Terms is intended to affect these statutory rights. For more information about users statutory rights they should contact their local Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office.

7.3       Lawyers Chambers breach these Terms, it shall only be liable for losses that are a reasonably foreseeable consequence of such a breach. Losses are foreseeable where they could be contemplated by you and Lawyers Chambers at the time of entering these Terms.

7.4       Lawyers Chambers are not responsible for: (1) losses not caused by its breach; (2) indirect losses which are a side effect of the main loss or damage and which are not reasonably foreseeable by the user and Lawyers Chambers at the time of entering into these Terms; and/or (3) failure to meet any of Lawyers Chambers obligations under these Terms where such failure is due to events beyond its reasonable control. 

8.          General

8.1         Lawyers Chambers may wish to transfer its rights or obligations or sub-contract its obligations under these Terms to another legal entity. Users agree that Lawyers Chambers may do so provided that this will not adversely affect the standard of the Service users receive under these Terms. In the case of transfer only, after Lawyers Chambers notify users of the date on which it will transfer its rights and obligations under these Terms to another legal entity, users only rights under or in connection with these Terms will be against the new legal entity and not against Lawyers Chambers These Terms are personal to individual users. Users may not transfer their rights or obligations under these Terms to anyone else.

8.2        If users breach these Terms and Lawyers Chambers take no action against an individual user, Lawyers Chambers will still be entitled to use its rights and remedies in any other situation where a user breaches these Terms.

8.3        If any part of these Terms is disallowed or found to be ineffective by any court or regulator, the other provisions shall continue to apply.

8.4        These Terms are not intended to give rights to anyone except the user and Lawyers Chambers. This does not affect the right to transfer these Terms under clause 8.1.

8.5      Lawyers Chambers will do its best to resolve any disputes over this Agreement. If users wish to take court proceedings against Lawyers Chambers they must do so in England. English law will apply.

Advertising Costs

Lawyers Chambers offer an account that will generate an advertising portal, that can be edited and maintained by the advertiser.

All standard accounts are invoiced at £175.00 per year and include a listing on the website of the services offered by the individual advertiser.

All advertising is annual and is set to each account.

We can prepare your adverted portal for a fixed price of £75.00 giving a total of just £250.00 and you would be invoiced once your advert is live.

Lawyers Chambers do not charge VAT, although this may of course change should legislation or financial limits change.

A Firm, solicitor, barrister, Mackenzie friend or Chambers can have more than one account.

All adverts/portals allow for up to 6 Types of Law to be chosen which will be searchable as a default.

Additional types of law can be added at a further cost of £10.00 per law type, per annum.

All adverts are searchable and can be edited by the owner.

To ensure the quality of any inquiries, lawyer chambers filter enquires

All adverts are maintained and updated by the advertiser, who are expected to ensure that their contact details are up to date and accurate.

Advertising on the site does not guarantee any work or cases, but it is expected that the site would generate additional work and cases in view of the fact that as a marketing organisation Lawyers Chambers is able to promote the site using media that may not be available to individuals.

By using the website as a customer/client does not guarantee that any case presented will be taken up by any of our solicitors/ barristers/firms/chambers or Mackenzie friend.

The adverts run and are maintained for one year after which a new invoice will be generated.

Payment is via pay pal or credit card Via the site or we will send you an invoice as soon as you advert is live

Complaint Procedure

Lawyers Chambers – Complaints Procedure Lawyers Chambers aims to provide high quality services which meet your needs.

We believe we achieve this most of the time: if we are not getting it right, please let us know. In order to ensure our services, remain at a high and improving standard, we have a procedure through which you can let us know of for any reason you are not satisfied with your dealings with the organisation.

If you are not happy with Lawyers Chambers, please tell us If you are unhappy about any Lawyers Chambers service, please speak to the relevant staff member, manager, or Director.

If you are unhappy with an individual in Lawyers Chambers sometimes it is best to tell him or her directly. If you feel this is difficult or inappropriate, then speak to the staff member's manager or the Director. Often, we will be able to give you a response straight away. When the matter is more complicated, we will give you at least an initial response within five working days.

Making a written complaint If you are not satisfied with our response or wish to raise the matter more formally, please write to the Director/Chief Executive. (If your complaint is about the Director/Chief Executive), please write to the Chair.) All written complaints will be logged.

You will receive a written acknowledgement within three working days. The aim is to investigate your complaint properly and give you a reply within ten working days, setting out how the problem will be dealt with.

If this is not possible, an interim response will be made informing you of the action taken to date or being considered.

We do not deal with complaints against any of the solicitors or barristers registered on the site, any complaint about them should be directed to them, but you should advise us that you have had to make a complaint to ensure our quality control.