How we work for clients

How we work for clients

The concept:

Lawyers Chambers is a marketing platform that has been designed to help members of the public and businesses choose their legal team and Legal requirements from the simple to use website With the advent of digital contact, lawyers no longer need to be local to engage in face to face working and document transmission, so users have the opportunity to select from a broad range of assistance to suit their pocket and circumstances.

The website uses sophisticated and the latest marketing techniques to bring individual and business clients to our website. Clients search for and browse profiles of barristers and solicitors on the website and contact them to discuss the way that the professionals may be able to help. Lawyers Chambers takes no commissions or referral fees and it does not operate as a claim’s management company. The use of the website is completely FREE to members of the public and businesses. unless you wish to use the quick advice and recommendations and then there is a fixed fee of £60 to answer your enquiry. All payments are made through your secured portal

What then happens:

The client/customer identify the firms, barrister or solicitors or in some cases a Mackenzie friend that they think may be best qualified to solve their legal problem from the profiles that have been placed on our website. They can then contact the Firms, Barrister or Solicitor or Mackenzie friend direct and enter into their terms with them.

Alternatively clients/customers can contact Lawyers Chambers through the online form directly and explain their problem setting out their problem.

By completing the sign up form you will receive other benefits from time to time,

Lawyers Chambers upon payment of their published fee will direct or offer suggestions to the client/customer, via the supply of a list of barristers, firms or solicitors, whose published expertise appears to match the requirements of the client for their selection of legal assistance. At the end of the day however the choice of a legal team is a matter for the client/customer and the supply of a list of names is no guarantee of acceptance by any individual lawyer of the client/customer.

Time is not of the essence and no liability can be accepted by Lawyers Chambers if a barrister or solicitor cannot be found in time or at all.

Please note

(i)   that the if a client is put in contact with solicitor, barrister or firm matching the expertise with the client’s perceived legal problem that Lawyers Chambers offer no warranty as to the standard of work undertaken by any solicitor, barrister or firm.

(ii)   that the client understands clearly how the solicitor, barrister or law firm will be able to assist them; and what the terms will be.

(iii)   that the client understands that they will need to pay for the service provided by the solicitor, barristers or law firm they choose to assist them. 

Once contact is made, the solicitor, barrister, or firm, will agree all terms and costings directly with the client.

Lawyers chambers plays no role in this or in the management or any aspect of the ongoing case and the choice of any legal team is a matter solely for the client or customer.

Lawyers Chambers is a marketing platform and nothing more.